"The men who worked on my house did a fantastic job.
They really took pride in their work. I am so pleased."...

"Dennis, Marvin, Vinny and Chen did a beautiful job at my house.  The spent the day cleaning, insulating and removing the wood stove, then left the house immaculate.  Ginger said they worked hard all day and they deserve kudos for a job well done."... Dan

"Great work everyone. A quick a dirty measurement of the exhaust flow rate was about 4500 cfm. Static on the clogged side of the coil increased from 0.15" to 2.25". I believe we are in good shape and believe the tools can be brought back on line"... Jim




Welcome To Envirotech Clean Air, Inc.


Air Duct

Envirotech was established in 1988 from a desire to provide clean, safe indoor air for all people. Envirotech Clean Air, Inc. began as an HVAC Cleaning and Restoration company, better known as air duct cleaning, and was among the first members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Today, Envirotech Clean Air, Inc. is one of the largest mold removal, specialty cleaning and HVAC Cleaning and restoration services in the Northeast. Envirotech Clean Air provides an array of clean air services including:

•  HVAC Mechanical Systems cleaning and Restoration

•  Inspections and remediation of contamination within Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems

•  Mold Remediation and structural cleaning within the building cavities

•  Specialty contamination for homeowners and buildings

•  Dryer vents and ducts in residential and large multiunit dwellings


Envirotech Clean Air is the choice of Fortune 500 Companies, hospital and health care facilities, Universities and educational facilities, mission critical facilities, industrial complexes and residential homes throughout the Northeast.

Envirotech Clean Air adheres to national standards and guidelines on every project. We provide our commercial, industrial, and residential clients first-class service and expertise that is unmatched by any other environmental remediation firm in the Northeast. We provide our top of the line services to homes and businesses across Massachusetts and New England.


Envirotech Clean Air, Inc. • 10 Spencer Street • Stoneham, MA. 02180 • Phone: 800-698-1300 • Fax: 781-279-2910