Recent Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Projects

At Envirotech Clean Air, we service both residential and commercial properties, removing and remediating mold and cleaning air ducts although commercial projects are our specialty. Learn more about the recent commercial projects we’ve completed.

Vermont Hospital

hospitalProblem: Severe mold growth on the interior duct mastic inside the cold deck ductwork serving hospital surgical suites.

Remediation: The ductwork was cleaned and the duct mastic was scrubbed with a fungistat, tested by an independent industrial hygiene consultant, and coated with an HVAC sealant.

Coordination: The project was performed on off hours and was coordinated with the HVAC Mechanical contractor, hospital facility personnel, and the independent industrial hygiene consultant.

air traffic controlFAA Air Traffic Control Tower

Problem:  Severe mold growth throughout the tower and base building.  Air traffic controllers exposed and sensitized to a point the several were unable to continue work. The location was the nation’s 25th busiest airport and the tower was operating throughout the project on a 24/7 by 365 schedule.

Remediation: All contaminated HVAC Systems were cleaned and inspected by a third party. The HVAC units and all system components (ductwork, VAVs, Fan Powered Boxes, etc.) were cleaned, inspected, photographed, and videotaped.

Coordination:  Envirotech Clean Air coordinated with the FAA, building services, IH firms and duct cleaning consultant; the building tenant’s and the tenant’s IH firms and other critical care stakeholders.

Phoenix Awards:  Envirotech was awarded the Restoration Industry Association’s (RIA) highest award for innovation in a remediation project while on the integrated team that completed this 3-year project in 2012.

high rise buildingBoston High Rise Office Building   

Problem:   Improper internal insulation installation in all high-pressure ductwork on 38 floors lead to premature degradation resulting in airborne fiberglass binder material.

Remediation: Remove all internal fiberglass in the high-pressure ductwork down to bare metal and seal the ductwork. Clean all associated ductwork, VAV boxes, and diffusers.

Coordination: Envirotech coordinated with the building’s owners, tenants, property management team, consulting engineers, industrial hygienists, as well as, multiple trades. All work was performed during off hours and was completely “invisible” to the building’s occupants. This building is extremely high profile with every floor being custom fitted out for the various tenants.