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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Envirotech Clean Air's training and experience has made us the choice of thousands of leading institutions like hospitals, universities and Fortune 500 companies. Our remediation/cleaning service is appropriate for air conveyance systems such as air handlers, blowers, exhaust units, ductwork (hard and flex) and grilles and diffusers.

  • Assessment of building operations and HVAC/Air Conveyance Systems
  • Inspection of air handlers, ductwork, shafts, chases, plenums, pipes, walls, ceilings and floors utilizing cable video, fiberoptic, borescopic, and robotic equipment
  • Documentation of inspection and assessment, including photos, videos, and mechanical hygiene reports
  • Containment, including creating customized build-out containments and utilizing HEPA filtered vacuums and collection devices
  • Physical agitation that is implemented with compressed air powered brushes, air sweeps and whips
  • Source removal such as insulation and filtration medium, particulate matter and chemical and biological contamination
  • Treatment that involves application of mechanical insulation repair coatings


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