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Our Process

Envirotech's professional air duct and HVAC cleaning process is one important step in maintaining a clean and healthy living environment within your home and/or office. This means Envirotech's NADCA-certified technicians strictly adhere to industry standards and uses state-of-the-art equipment, essential for managing indoor air contaminants while cleaning air ducts.

Envirotech's expert technicians are trained, certified, and are fully insured to operate our professional duct cleaning systems. At Envirotech, we use the latest compressed air powered brushes, air sweeps and whips to insure high-quality cleaning results with 100% guaranteed professionalism and workmanship. Envirotech's HEPA-filtered vacuums remove all the loosened debris without dispersing contaminants back into your home or workplace.

Our Process
In today's airtight buildings, common dust can contain mold, pollen, dust mite remains and other allergenic and irritating contaminants. That dust accumulates throughout your home, office, and mechanical system and can re-circulates with the air each time your heater or air-conditioner is turned on. These contaminants can potentially inflame the symptoms of allergies and asthma as well as decrease the efficiency of your home's heating and cooling system.

Our Approach
Prior to any cleaning work, our ASCS certified project managers perform a visual inspection of your system to determine the proper methods, tools and equipment required for completing the job to your satisfaction. Our site evaluation establishes a plan that details how your ductwork will be cleaned. Envirotech's professional inspection includes air handling units, HVAC system components and ductwork.

The cleaning begins after our professional technicians apply drop clothes around work areas to protect your home and furnishings. We remove the registers and wash them to remove dust, film, and other substances that may trap contaminants. Envirotech's technicians then go to work using an array of agitation tools such as compressed air powered brushes, air sweeps and whips, and contact vacuuming equipment designed specifically for every type of mechanical system. Envirotech's cleaning tools are guided deep into your home's ductwork and around corners, to clean every surface within the ductwork. The spinning brushes of our system make contact with the surfaces of your air ducts so as the brush spins, a powerful vacuum collects the debris, which in turn scrubs those contaminants from the air using HEPA filters to remove 99.97% (efficient to 0.3-micron size) of airborne particles.

Once all the components are cleaned, your home's HVAC system cleanliness is revaluated by a visual inspection as outlined in the NADCA standards that we follow. The HVAC system is then tested and our technicians will ensure that all the elements are functioning correctly before we leave your home.

Envirotech's source removal cleaning methods leave your HVAC system clean and virtually free of contaminants. See the difference for yourself! Contact one of our representatives today at 1-800-698-1300 or by e-mail to Ron Fallon, Vice President of Sales, RFallon@Breatheasier.com, for a free in-house estimate.


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