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"Envirotech sent two technicians to my 3.5-bedroom condo, which is in a 100-year-old house and whose ducts had been cleaned so rarely before we bought it that dust had blown out the vents, and, in a few places, made a smoky-looking stain on the ceiling. There are at least 9 or 10 vents here. I hired them to clean the vents; they also replaced a filter on my intake vent.

They arrived promptly, conducted themselves in a courteous, professional manner, completed the job efficiently, and left the house  as clean as they found it. The air quality was noticeably better after they left. What made me absolutely love them was that their manager came along to talk with me at the start of the job about some specific concerns I had, which put me entirely at ease. I appreciated how careful they were to take my concerns into account; they were extremely responsive and professional in that regard (and all others)."... Karyn

These guys were hired to fix poor duct cleaning job done by other company. They showed up on time, addressed all my questions, and even made something I did not expect them to do - after the operation they left filters on each duct so that any remaining particles will not get into air. It took them longer to complete (from 8AM to 4PM) due to some emergency that required one guy to go to RI but they sent a replacement and job was done same day. Great company!"... Igor

"I bought the Angie's List deal for a whole-house duct cleaning, and that's what they did.  There were some hitches, but the company dealt with everything very well, and I would hire them again.  The house smells better and the air feels better, which I didn't expect but am glad for.

Scheduling was easy and they arrived on time as planned.  The workers put on booties when they came into the house, which impressed me, but when they left and came back in, forgot to put them back on.  They were very friendly and personable.  They seemed to do a very thorough job of cleaning the ducts as well as the furnace but when I put some filters back later, I noticed some vents were left very dirty and there were also some areas of debris near vents.  I cleaned it up myself but called the company to let them know, and somebody came by inspect and fix things up.  (They later refunded a portion of the payment in apology, though that was totally unnecessary.)  One room in particular had an off odor ever since we had our floors refinished, and that odor disappeared that day and has not returned.  Yay!   

Over all, there were some issues, but I thought the company handled it all very well and very professionally, the workers themselves were super nice, and I would still recommend and hire this company again.  I had already been planning on calling them even before I saw the deal because they'd been recommended, so getting a little bit of savings was a nice bonus."... Jude

"We had water damage in two separate bathroom and they performed some mold remediation.  It was an extensive job.

They showed up on time and they did what they could. The workers seemed well trained and they knew what they were doing."... Bruce

"Thank you very much for your work that was performed at the Science Center. The pictures look great and we look forward to working with you and you crew on the next phase of the building. I will be in touch sometime in the next few months."... Christopher - Harvard University

"Envirotech Clean Air Incorporated cleaned the air ducts in my house. They were courteous and efficient. I did not think they cleaned one of them and they came back and re-did it. They were good and they were comparable to the other companies. They had high ratings on Angie's List. They knew what they were talking about. They told me what they were going to do and the service was done professionally. The price was right. They did a very good job. They were here when they said they would be". Karen



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